Maduro will not be able to recover his “English gold”

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By ruling on Thursday 2 July that the British government recognizes de facto Juan Guaidó as President of Venezuela, the High Court of Justice in London has rendered a judgment which risks being landmark. As a result, Nicolás Maduro will not be able to recover the equivalent of £ 800 million in gold from the United Kingdom.

It is a legal decision taken in London that will have serious financial implications for Caracas. “Nicolás Maduro failed this Thursday, July 2, in his attempt to recover a quantity of gold worth 800 million pounds which is in the coffers of the Bank of England, announces the British daily The Times. The London High Court of Justice has ruled that Britain had ‘unequivocally recognized’ the leader of the Venezuelan opposition [Juan Guaidó] as president of the country ”.

Nicolás Maduro should therefore not recover the 400,000 gold bars which, according to information from The Guardian, are in the cases of the Bank of England.

A week ago already, the center-left daily newspaper detailed the outlines of this affair which concerns London and Caracas.

The leftist government of Nicolás Maduro claims that the ingots are ‘held hostage’ by the British executive in order to satisfy the United States. Lawyers for the Maduro Central Bank at



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