Maduro’s magic drops only serve as mouthwash

The National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela assured that the “gothic miraculous” from Carvativir against coronavirus O COVID-19 of the president Nicolas Maduro could be recommended only as mouthwashbut not against disease.

What was said? “We are clear on that. It is a plant compound based on isotimol that was 30 or 40 years ago used as a mouthwash, as a local antiseptic, in some cases it had a use dermatological, bactericide, but there is no known real antiviral use in serious research work. There is simply some history of using it in experimental animals, “he said. Enrique Lopez Loyo, president of the National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela.

In an interview with Wave The Superstation, Lopez Loyo criticized that this antiviral is offered as an alternative to vaccine. “The problem here is the vaccine, we need vaccination,” he said.

With information from Infobae.

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