Maell Lee’s wife: If the problem is jealousy, give me a chance

JAKARTA, – YouTuber’s wife Maell Lee, Inta Ratna Juwita said, one of the reasons her husband filed for divorce at the Religious Court (PA) was because he was jealous.

Because of that, Intan asked Maell Lee to give him the opportunity to change his character.

“It’s a shame, it’s time to be jealous. Yes, if that’s the case, give Intan a chance to change. If that’s the reason, it’s wrong, it’s wrong,” said Intan as quoted by on Melaney Ricardo YouTube channel, Sunday (14/2/2021 ).

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Even so, Intan said there was Maell Lee’s attitude which he considered a big mistake.

“‘Diamond’s mistake is there, your fault is there too, which. But I cover your disgrace in front of my parents. Let me know, don’t let my parents know’,” said Intan.

Intan said she was not jealous of doubting Maell Lee’s loyalty. However, this trait has existed since Intan dated Maell Lee.

“Back then, when Intan first started dating, when she was a driver, ‘where are you? With whom? Send a video’,” said Intan exemplifying his jealous attitude.

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Intan herself also said that her husband had known that he was jealous from before starting a household or dating.

“In fact, before she was famous, Intan asked for marriage first. How come, where is this crazy, where my brain has gone. It’s been desperate, already dear, I don’t know where the brain came from, maybe it’s a mate too. Finally God gives sustenance, Alhamdulillah I got a marriage. which is good, “said Intan.

Meanwhile, Intan admitted that she had tried to persuade Maell Lee not to apply for divorce.

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“‘What do you want? I’m following’. Intan has also called her family, asking for help from her closest friends too, trying, as much as possible, as hard as she can. Only she’s still strong, maybe there is something she can’t do. sorry Diamond, that’s what Intan doesn’t know, “said Intan.

According to Intan, during the mediation she also begged her husband to stop his intention of divorcing.

“During the last mediation, Intan also begged, ‘already dear, the news will be great’, like, ‘we will also be riotous.’ She is still tough, ‘no, I can’t anymore.’ strong desire for him to want a divorce, “said Intan continued.

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Maell Lee filed for divorce against Intan Ratna Juwita to the Religious Court (PA) Pekanbaru, Riau.

The application was registered by Maell Lee on 8 January 2021 with item number 84 / pdt.G / 2021 / PA.Pbr.

In an interview, Intan revealed that the reason Maell Lee filed for divorce was because she was jealous of her husband.

This divorce application is quite surprising because the two of them just got married in March 2020.


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