Maes: “Sevran is Atlanta”

Sevran has become in the space of a few years a city that counts in French rap. Maes even compared it to Atlanta.

Previously petit poucet of 93, Sevran is today a hub of French rap. And its actors explode one by one in recent years. Kaaris, Kalash Criminel, DA Uzi: the city is certainly the biggest current breeding ground for French rap, despite its small size (just over 50,000 inhabitants). In full promotion for his project Real life 3.0Maes congratulated himself on this, and has no shortage of daring comparisons. “It’s a city of sick people, he describes for Click. This is Atlanta. ”

Atlanta. The birthplace of the trap, in the southeastern United States. One of the biggest pools of talent in US rap, with different styles: Gucci Mane, Future, Young Thug, 21 Savage, the Migos, the unmissable Gunna and Lil Baby… We could go on like this for a long time. A unique city, become an epicenter on the other side of the Atlantic, which has managed to free itself from the gigantic stages of New York and Los Angeles to develop its own sound. In France and since the 2010s, Sevran seems to be taking a similar path. The phenomenal success ofOr Noir a few years ago accelerated the progression of an infinite scene.

Maes: “There is success right in front”

A decade earlier, Sevran was more famous for his news items than his rap scene. Complicated to exist within a hyper-productive department. Some names are still making a discreet place, like Bolo, who is now a respected veteran. Little by little, artist after artist, will become one of the most famous places for rap fans. And once the breach is open, dozens of rappers will rush into it, making their city the best training center for French rap.

Today Stavo, Oldpee, Zed and Zefor, Maes, Kalash Criminel and DA Uzi have become true headliners of French rap. A generation of talented artist bottle-fed the supercharged trap of their elders and that of Atlanta. Influences widely present in their first projects, whether ULTRAP pour 13 Block, Real Life 2 for Maes, R.A.S for Criminal Kalash or The D in Person for Da Uzi. And if each has since evolved differently, their starting point is the same: Sevran and his mentality apart.

Long under the radar, set aside within the huge scene of 93, the city has seen the emergence of many rappers in recent years. To the point of having today the ambition of a 100% Sevran project. An explosive success, for such a small town where talented artists abound and which has also succeeded in standing out from Paris or Marseille to create its own scene. Maes explains this wealth by unfailing motivation. And above all, a concrete vision that is close to success. “It comes from the slab and the fact that in front of us, there is Paris. There is success right across the way, there is wealth and we are in poverty ”.

From Beaudottes to Rougemont, via the 3-Tours, the city only beats to the rhythm of its rap scene. Formerly cut by the conflicts between its different districts, Sevran is now one. And generations past and present inspire future generations. We think in particular of Benab or Pico, all ready to take over from a rap scene that has become the very essence of an entire city. The Sevran compilation Dirty time will thus be responsible for highlighting the artistic bubbling of the city.

In the rest of the news, Cyril Hanouna wants to organize the Skyrock Awards for French rap.

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