Maeva Ghennam (LMvsMonde5) sends a strong message to her attackers, Jessica Thivenin, Manon Marsault, Carla Moreau and others react

Several reality TV candidates have decided to react to Maeva Ghennam’s latest Instagram post. We tell you more here.

Maeva Ghennam beaten, attacked and threatened, she speaks for the first time. And a few hours after having told about his ordeal, Maeva Ghennam posted a photo of herself on Instagram where she writes: “Nothing will get to me”. A publication which quickly made react the Internet users who were more than 314,000 to like it. One way for them to support the emblematic candidate of the Marseillais. And Internet users are not the only ones to have reacted, since several reality TV candidates have commented on Maeva Ghennam’s Instagram post. Messages to discover below.

“❤️❤️❤️”, wrote Carla Moreau. For her part, Manon Marsault posted the following comment: “❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you little sister ❤️ be strong”. Jessica Thivenin, she posted the emoticon which makes a prayer. Sarah Lopez, Mélanie Da Cruz, Noré, Kamila, Camille Froment or even Hilona: they all left a little comment to Maeva Ghennam. And that must have made him happy. In a completely different register, check out Nacca and Eloise’s recent exclusive confidences that tell us about Marseilles vs. the rest of World 5, Charlotte’s critiques, and the tensions with Victoria.

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