Maeva Ghennam: She sets Instagram on fire!

Maeva Ghennam posted a new snapshot on social media! And once again, it did not go unnoticed!

Maeva Ghennam has been through some complicated times in recent weeks. The 24-year-old lives in Dubai and has everything to be happy. Only the lack of his family and loved ones is increasingly felt. Between the distance between Paris and Dubai, and the health crisis that has prevented the whole world from traveling, Maeva has not been able to benefit from her family for a very long time. A few days ago, she gave herself over to the pain that this lack caused her. What was not arranged by the departure of her cousin, Salma, to whom she is very close, and who often comes to visit her in the United Arab Emirates. To cheer up, Maeva found the solution, the change of look!

Maeva Ghennam: Her last post is not unanimous

So Maeva showed off this change of look on Instagram in the last photo she posted. With this set in red lingerie, Maeva garnered a lot of positive comments: « Jealousy is a cruel mistress ! Not everyone is in the same boat. Maeva you are bellissima too bad for the jealous. Cry, you are not worth it!“. But a lot of criticism has also arisen, especially on his use of Photoshop: « The retouch on the left towards the buttock and the carpet is too obvious! “. But also on the attitude of the young woman, who according to Internet users would do anything to create the buzz! “Pff no vulgar class! Having charisma is not that! Everything is good for the buzz ! “. The most important thing in all of this is still that Maeva feels good about herself, despite the haters!

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