Maeva Ghennam (The Marseillais in the Caribbean) sexy and retouched on Instagram? This photo makes users react

When Maeva Ghennam decides to pose in sexy fashion on her Instagram account, she does not do things by halves! Maeva Ghennam, who has decided to change her look in full containment in a radical way, takes the instructions related to the Coronavirus pandemic very seriously and never leaves her home, which regularly makes users react on social networks. The candidate of Marseillais in the Caribbean that we currently find in broadcast on W9 wanted to make humor on his last Instagram photo, as the writing of melty reveals to you below. Thus, on this post where she appears sexier than ever in a swimsuit, the candidate writes: “Good weekend my loves! What are you planning? Ah yes, it’s containment” with emojis who cry with laughter … A publication that has not gone unnoticed by Internet users and reality TV candidates !

Thus, under the comments of this photo posted on his Instagram account, Internet users write: “My beauty of the islands”, “You are beautiful hair like that my kitten”, “But what a cannon, I love this photo, angel face“… A cliché which has been validated en masse by internet users and which is unanimous, but also by reality TV candidates like Carla Moreau who finds more than ever that the young woman is hot, but also Bastien of Secret Story who had already made advances under other photos and who writes: “Bababababaaaa

“Soon a new couple of reality TV in sight? While waiting to find out, discover here the private conversations that Maeva Ghennam has thrown where Kevin Guedj of the Marseillais in the Caribbean makes fun of Maïssane.

To follow all the information related to the Coronavirus and its evolution, go to the official government website right here.


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