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Harold Capote Fernández | @batesbeisbol

Important crew members of the Magellan ship have joined the practices of the shipping team since Tuesday. They are headed by the new helmsman, Wilfredo Romero.

Debuting as head honcho in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP), the Aragüeño was accompanied by part of his technical staff, who in the same way received the arrivals of Robert Pérez (batting) and Luis Carlos Rivera (pitching).

In this regard, Romero stated “the privilege” how do you feel about directing the electricians

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“Being in charge of a team with so much tradition and culture is a challenge, it was what motivated me. Magallanes is not just any team (…) for me it is of the utmost importance that they have chosen me among so many names “.

More figures for the poster

Additionally, the crew roster continued to strengthen, this with the arrival of relevant figures in the ship’s scheme. They are a couple of figures with big league experience, receiver Óscar Hernández and left-handed pitcher Yohánder Méndez.

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They also boarded the ship Rayder Ascanio (infielder) and the pitchers Luis Ojeda, Nelson Prada, Luis Rico and Roldan Ochoa.

All join in the third day of practice for Magallanes, whose game schedule, like the rest of the LVBP, begins on Saturday October 23, when in their port they are visited by the Eagles of Zulia at the beginning of the journey to his 13th national title.


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