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Magaly Medina and Alfredo Zambrano are looking forward to finishing their new house. Photo: composition LR/Instagram/Magaly Medina | Photo: composition LR/Instagram/Magaly Medina

Magaly Medina enjoys the weekend accompanied by her beloved husband, the well-known notary Alfredo Zambrano. In the middle of her rest days, “Urraca” took advantage of the morning of Saturday, January 4, to visit the place where the large and luxurious house that she will have with her partner, located in the district of Santiago, is being built. of Furrow. Through social networks, the controversial host uploaded some videos in which she shows the progress of the place and how it looks so far.

“Seeing the progress of our little house,” he wrote at the beginning. Likewise, Zambrano can be seen talking with one of the workers, who would be explaining some things about the finishes or spaces that they are finishing working on. “A dream that we are making real,” added the ATV presenter.

Who lives in the same house as Magaly Medina?

While they finish building the huge house in Santiago de Surco, Magaly Medina He spends his days in a mansion located in La Molina. There, the host enjoys a comfortable environment next to her partner Alfredo Zambrano, however, she has also set up a place for her beloved pets: Aston, Ozzy and Chanel.

Magaly Medina, Alfrezo Zambrano, Astos y Ozzy. Photo: Instagram.

What was the humble house of Magaly Medina in Huacho like?

The ATV driver, Magaly Medina, was born and raised with her family in the city of Huacho. In an interview on the program “El cuarto de Juan” with Carlos Carlín, which was broadcast on Latina in the 90s, the popular “Urraca” showed all the rooms in her house in public.

As can be seen in images, the driver started in the very humble house. In her audiovisual material, she observes paintings and plants located in specific places. It also has a vintage television and an orange juicer.

Does Magaly Medina force her husband to go out on social networks?

Magaly Medina She opened the question box on Instagram and fans jumped in immediately. A user asked the popular ‘Urraca’ if she forced Alfredo Zambrano to appear in his videos.

The ATV driver responded forcefully. “Nothing in a relationship is done out of obligation. My husband does not like that I record it, but he does it because he loves me and he likes to please me, ”she assured.

This is what Magaly’s luxurious residence in La Molina looks like

Magaly Medina is one of the most recognized and acclaimed figures in the Peruvian show business. Throughout her more than 25-year career, she has managed to amass large sums of money that allowed her to purchase a luxurious residence in the La Molina district. Through her social networks like her Instagram, the host shows in detail the corners of her home that she shares with her pets and her husband. Below we show you some of the snapshots where you can see spaces such as the living room, kitchen and the patio that maintains an elegant pool.

Magaly Medina and her luxurious mansion.  Photo: Youtube.

Magaly Medina and her luxurious mansion. Photo: Youtube.

Magaly Medina and her luxurious mansion.  Photo: Instagram.

Magaly Medina and her luxurious mansion. Photo: Instagram.

Magaly Medina's bedroom.  Photo: Youtube.

Magaly Medina’s bedroom. Photo: Youtube.

The Magaly Medina pool.  Photo: Youtube.

The Magaly Medina pool. Photo: Youtube.

Magaly can’t wait to open her new house in an exclusive area of ​​Lima

ATV figure Magaly Medina is showing the progress of her new residence located in the Las Casuarinas neighborhood in Surco. Through her Instagram account, she showed up with her husband on the land where she lives, building her new mansion, which she assures will be larger to be able to share with the notary Alfredo Zambrano.

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