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Magdalena Andersson, elected Prime Minister of Sweden for the second time

The Social Democrat Swedish Magdalena Andersson was elected Prime Minister for the second time this Monday after he resigned a few days ago due to the lack of support for his budgets, something that led to the withdrawal of support by Los Verdes.

The Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) has now elected me Prime Minister and I intend to form a Social Democratic government“Andersson said at a press conference in which he did not rule out collaborating with other forces.” We are ready to do whatever it takes to move Sweden forward, “he said.

“Of course, it will cooperate with the parties who want to debate” even if they “think differently”, stressed Andersson, who recalled how the pandemic crisis has led to “narrowing” over the last two years. collaboration “with many different parties”.

Andersson has announced that this Tuesday he will present his new government, with which he hopes to “regain control of the welfare state, advance climate change policies,” as well as “break segregation and stop violence,” reports the Swedish newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’.

The conservative opposition has failed this Monday to stop Andersson’s election after that it will stay in 173 supports, to one of the 174 necessary, after the liberal Nina Lundstrom broke the voting discipline.

The rest of the 176 deputies, including Social Democrats, Greens and the parties of the Left and Center, as well as the independent Amineh Kakabaveh, have given their support to an Andersson who has said she feels “anxious” to start a new term of just a few ten months before the next elections.

Andersson, the first woman to lead a government in Sweden, had headed the Finance Ministry since 2014, but her name was already sounding like a favorite when outgoing Prime Minister Steffan Lofven announced in August that he would step away from the political front line so that his party could prepare for the September 2022 elections.


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