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Gonzalo Urgelles R.

As soon as the first month of the season is completed, in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League, the passion of the fan is breathed again in the local ball stadiums. Remembering that in 2020 there was a public presence in the stadiums, this year people have been encouraged to return.

With biosecurity as a priority, allowing only a capacity of 40% of each venue, baseball is once again the favorite pastime of the Venezuelan. In some parks, such as the José Bernardo Pérez in Valencia and the Universitario de Caracas, there have been crowds that quite conceal the attendance limit.

Braves of Margarita, once again playing away from his yard, assuming locality at the La Guaira de Macuto Forum, he has surprised with the baseball they are playing; fighting for the top positions of the table since the season began.

Cardenales de Lara continues to be one of the main teams to beat, with an armored team from start to finish, they are one of the most fearsome currencies today; just as it has been for the last few years.

The eternal rivals return to the ring

Navegantes del Magallanes and Leones del Caracas are appearing and that makes the fans happy, who return to having those tasty fights from before, the kind that make baseball a unique universe.

Either due to cause and effect of the pandemic factor, which deprived people of going to stadiums in 2020 due to COVID-19, or because the country’s economic situation is slightly better, baseball is being lived in stadiums as it used to be. and that is – definitely – a positive thing.


Public of the University in Caracas-Magallanes | photo: David Urdaneta

Magallanes has been turning on over the weeks, to the point of climbing positions until he is alone as the table leader, displacing Braves, Cardinals and Lions – teams that disputed the lead until a few days ago – to the next positions.

For its part, the long-haired have had complications to be constant; They have had a hard time producing on consecutive days and getting on a positive winning streak. This has prevented him from establishing himself definitively as one of the main contenders, however, it has been enough for them to stay in the fight for the first places.

Half table

The Caracas Lions – right now in fourth position – are the last of the teams that play for a positive mark; in fact, they are right in the middle with a .500 average, the product of 12 wins and 12 setbacks.

From then on, Tiburones de La Guaira and Tigres de Aragua fight for the fifth place of those who – today – would be getting into the Round Robin. The Aragüeños began with some problems that generated changes within the establishment.

For their part, Caribes de Anzoátegui, the current champion and one of the strongest and favorite teams on paper, have been the disappointment of this first month. Seven games from the lead they have only been able to score nine wins in 23 games.

While the Eagles of Zulia give the feeling of having given up or being evicted. With the worst record in the league, they haven’t been able to get off the ground at any point this season.

Key pitching

Pitching is the key to explain what happened so far. While Twilight (3.93) and Turks (4.87) have the best hits, Eagles, Caribs and Tigers have received the most punishment.

Those of Anzoátegui (6.42) and Aragua (6.52) have a worse ERA than Zulia (5.55), but the problem of the raptors is that their batting has not responded either. Whereas Caribes has one of the best tolerance shops, statistically speaking.


Lions reliever Yoimer Camacho is the leader in victories | photo: David Urdaneta

Best hittingIn all respects, the Turks have it, who together with good pitching place them at the top of the table. Caracas is one of the teams that hits the most, but their pitching and the intermittency to produce has hurt them.

In the case of the Littoral, both on offense and on the mound, they are literally a mid-table team.

They did not measure up

Less than a month into the season and two of the original eight managers have already been fired. Tigres de Aragua and Águilas del Zulia dismissed Luis Ugueto and Rouglas Odor, respectively.

After playing ten games, the Tigers were last with seven losses. For this reason they dispensed with the services of Ugueto, who was replaced by Clemente Álvarez. Since then, the Bengalis are 8-6, ranking sixth.

Three days later Odor was dismissed by the Zulia cast. With four wins and ten losses, Zulia fell into the pit of the table, after the slight improvement of Tigres. Marcos Davalillo took over, but the Eagles remain last, despite going 5-5 since then.


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