Maggie Q’s entry into Hollywood doesn’t forget to shoot Douyin and praise “Brother Who Overcomes Thorns” is so handsome|Hong Kong 01|Instant Entertainment

The 42-year-old female artist Maggie Q has stayed in the United States since she entered Hollywood. She also starred in the movie “The Revenge of the Killer” that was just released. Although Maggie Q has developed in foreign countries, she has always paid attention to Chinese variety shows, and even filmed Douyin from time to time to update her own situation.

The movie “The Revenge of the Killer” starring Maggie Q (the stills of “The Revenge of the Killer”)

Recently, the mainland variety show “Brother Through the Thorns” has become very popular. Maggie Q has also noticed, so she filmed a vibrato. In the film, Maggie Q was watching the essence of “Brother Through the Thorns” and saw Chen Xiaochun, Zhang Zhilin, Liang Hanwen, etc. The face of the person made her miss very much. At the same time, there were a lot of pictures of her brothers when they were young on the show. Maggie Q praised everyone that there was no change. After seeing the brothers performing the chorus, Maggie Q saw her blushing and praised: “Their stage, makeup, clothing, and style are so handsome.” At the end of the film, Maggie Q laughed and clapped her hands to her brothers.

Another focus in the next film is Maggie Q. The 42-year-old filmed without makeup and did not use any filters. You can clearly see Maggie Q’s facial features and see all the crow’s feet. Netizens feel that Maggie Q is no match for the years. The baptism, but still outstanding, the message read: “Grow old gracefully”.

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Click on the picture below to see Maggie’s duplex mansion in Los Angeles:


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