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A “magnifying glass” function that allows you to use your iPhone like a magnifying glass. Previously, it could be started after enabling “Magnifying Glass” from “Accessibility” in the Settings app. However, in iOS 15, the magnifying glass is now the default app, so you can use it without any hassle. This time, I will introduce how to use such a magnifying glass.

Since this article uses the iOS 15 public beta version, the screens and procedures may differ from those released as the official version.

Use a magnifying glass

First, open the “App Library” on the rightmost page of the home screen. Search for “magnifying glass” in the search window at the top of the screen and tap the magnifying glass app that appears.

▲ Open “App Library” on the rightmost page of the home screen and tap the search window (left). Search for “magnifying glass” in the search window and press the displayed “magnifying glass” (right)

The magnifying glass will start, so let’s project the object you want to magnify. You can change the magnification and adjust the brightness to make it easier to see. Other features such as filters and contrast are available.

▲ You can change the magnification by pressing and holding the round part and moving it left or right. Tap the brightness icon (left). Brightness can be changed in the same way as the magnification. Tap the brightness icon again to return to the original screen (right)

Customize the way functions are displayed

You can make it even easier to use frequently used functions by changing the display position. Tap the settings icon at the bottom left of the screen to display the “Customize Controls” screen. It is possible to move while pressing and holding “≡” of each function.

▲ Tap the setting icon (left). You can move while pressing and holding “≡” (right)

After moving the frequently used items to the main control, tap “Done”. The moved function is displayed at the top.

▲ Move frequently used items to the main control and tap “Done” (left). The moved “brightness” is displayed at the top (right)

You can also add a magnifying glass to the control center or place it on your home screen. Settings You can set from the app or App library.

* The screen of the public beta version iOS 15 is posted with special permission based on the interview.

* Engadget Japanese version may get affiliate reward from the link in the article.

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