Mahatma Gandhi: Auction house surprisingly finds glasses in the mailbox

Surprising find
“Almost fell off the chair”: Owner puts Gandhi’s glasses in the auction house mailbox

Mahatma gandhi

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He is one of the most famous historical figures in the world: Mahatma Gandhi. Now an auction house in Bristol, England, surprisingly found one of his glasses in its mailbox.

As the saying goes: the unexpected often happens. For example, for an auction house in Bristol, England, on the first weekend in August. Employees of “East Bristol Auctions” found a plain white envelope in their mailbox on Monday morning. To be precise, it stuck out a little way out of the mailbox, said auctioneer Andrew Stowe to the “BBC”. There were glasses in the envelope.

“One of my co-workers handed them to me and said there was a note on it that these were Gandhi’s glasses. I thought, ‘That sounds interesting,’ and went on with my day.” But when he discovered that the visual aid was actually worn by the leader of the Indian independence movement, he “almost fell off his chair.” Even the owner could hardly believe his luck.

The estimated price has now been far exceeded

The glasses are said to have been passed on to the owner’s family for generations after a relative received them personally from Mahatma Gandhi at a meeting in South Africa in the 1920s. Stowe: “We looked closely at the dates and everything fits – even the date on which Gandhi started wearing glasses. These are probably one of his first because they still have relatively low diopters.” And: “This is probably the most important discovery our auction house has ever made.”

The glasses, valued at just under £ 15,000, are due to be auctioned off on August 21 in the company’s online auction. The current highest bid is already well above the estimated price of 50,000 pounds. On the auction house’s website, the description reads: “The glasses were an important and in some ways iconic part of Gandhi’s overall appearance. It has been known that he often gave away his old or unloved glasses to those in need or to those who had helped him. ”

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