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Mai Beiyi and Mai Mai send favorite shoot and chase games


Karene’s wheat delivery is a source of happiness.


The 5-year-old Mai Maisong is very big.

Karene, who has just completed a set of “dissociation” micro-films, plays seven roles separately in the play, which is a very good challenge. Karene, who has been busy recording songs and writing books recently, enjoys playing pat and chase games with her love cat Maimaisong the most.Written by: Deformed Pig

Chasing and evading

Karene loves to call Maimaisong, 5 years old this year. “Mai Maisong is a domestic cat. She loves to show off her face. He hates human beings and is playful and food. But I am very happy to see it every day. It is the source of my happiness.” Speaking of her unforgettable experience, Karene Said that I had temporarily taken care of the black cat earlier: “The black cat is a big sister who only takes care of other kittens. When she came to my house, she was only four months old when she was given away. The black cat sister played with her. “The game is played. The gameplay is: one cat takes the initiative to shoot another cat, while the other cat chases and shoots back to the other cat. The goal is to avoid the shoot. After the black cat is gone, it’s her turn. I played with Mai Mai and now it has become a game that we both play almost every day.” She said that it was probably milk B who started to collect, so Mai Mai Mai misunderstood that Karene is a cat.

Abandoned domestic cat

When he was a child, Karene had raised guinea pigs and bunnies, but never raised cats. It turned out that Maimai was only temporarily entrusted to Karene’s family. At that time, she had no idea of ​​raising it: “It was found abandoned by the roadside, and a good-hearted traveler took a few photos of it and put it in the cat volunteer group. I The place where he lives is so close to the place where it was abandoned, so I took it home to take care of it. It is so cute to send it off, and my mother is not willing to leave it, so I have stayed at my house until now.”


Mai Mai is so cute, Mai’s mother is not willing to leave.


When he was adopted, he was only four months old.


Like to put on a bad face, playful and feed on.

Source: Pui Yi and Mai Mai Send-Favorite Shooting Game-289721

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