Maïa Coach®: the weight loss program without deprivation

“Hello, coach? I’m hungry, what can I eat to enjoy myself without the fuss? ”. Thanks to Maïa Coach®, the first nutritional coaching service by telephone, you lose weight without depriving yourself and without getting back to everything afterwards. Presentation of this (very) enticing method.

A large glass of water for breakfast, half a grapefruit at noon and a leaf of salad for dinner… Restrictive diets, we all tried one day! And we all drew the same conclusion: yes, you lose weight quickly but you necessarily end up taking everything back, or even more than before. This time, stop! Starving yourself is clearly not the right method. The right method is Maïa Coach®, a healthy and sustainable weight loss program that leaves no room for deprivation or frustration.

Losing weight while enjoying yourself is possible …

… And this is even the whole principle of the Maïa Coach® method! Developed by a nutritionist specializing in micronutrition (Maïa Baudelaire), this program sends out all our received ideas on food rebalancing. It is not by drawing a line on everything that makes us salivate that we say bye-bye to extra pounds, but rather by resuming a healthy diet and really listening! According to our tastes, our habits, our daily life, our food intolerances… Maïa Coach® offers us a tailor-made program which corresponds to us 100% and which allows us to never regain the lost weight. Note: mutual health organizations reimburse up to 100% for consultations using the Maïa Baudelaire® Method.

Maïa Coach®, how is it going?

We are followed by the same health professional (state-certified dietitian nutritionist) throughout our program. The cure starts with a personalized assessment then we receive a weekly dietary plan with menus concocted especially for us. A question, a doubt, a bit of slack… Our coach is there 7 days a week to advise and support us. We talk by phone, via the online platform or the Maïa Coach® mobile application. Impossible not to achieve your goal, you lose weight without really thinking about it!

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