Maid gives employers toilet water to drink – detention

Ein Maid in Singapore gave her employers water to drink from the toilet bowl – and now has to be in custody for a month. The 32-year-old from the Philippines was also accused of spitting in the water jug ​​and using the hostess’s expensive cosmetics, the local newspaper Today reported, citing the judiciary.

The crimes were discovered after the family became suspicious and installed cameras in the house. The woman admitted the deeds when she was supposed to be dismissed by the responsible employment agency.

The defendants’ lawyers said in court that their client had been badly treated by their employers. The couple took away her cell phone and poorly fed her. In addition, the couple owed her two months’ salary. “If you have any complaints, there are legitimate channels to contact, but it is not right to do what you did,” said Judge Ng Peng Hong.


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