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Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar showed off their love on social media: “Soulmates are not only lovers”

Photos: instagram / @atovarp

Maite Perroni and Andres Tovar They put aside the rumors that exist around their romantic relationship with a couple of publications where, in addition to the series of unpublished photographs that they uploaded, they touched with a heartfelt message where they allowed a glimpse of how well their courtship is going.

In recent days, the couple faced a new scandal after a rumor about a possible pregnancy began to circulate on the internet. About, the actress of Rebel denied that she was expecting a child with the television producer and assured that if so, he would not hesitate to share it with everyone, since he believes that it would be a blessing.

After the scandal, Maite and Andrés gave a taste of their romance with a series of photographs that they shared on their respective Instagram accounts. Both the actress and the producer uploaded the same postcards and, in each of them, both posed for the camera hugging and smiling. What most attracted attention was the tender message they wrote in their publications.

(Capture: @ maiteperroni / Instagram)
(Capture: @ maiteperroni / Instagram)

Soulmates are not just lovers, there is an eternity in these eyes. You are my favorite feeling”The two wrote in their respective Instagram posts.

The first to post the images and text was Andrés Tovar. His post was quickly filled with comments of love, affection and good wishes for the two of them and, within the thousands of messages he received, he highlighted the brief but significant response from his girlfriend: “I love you”.

Minutes later, Maite Perroni reposted the same publication on her Instagram account, where the producer also responded in the same way: “I love you”. With this, the lovers tried to clear the wave of speculation that exists about their relationship and showed that they are still happier and in love than ever.

Photos: Instagram / @atovarp
Photos: Instagram / @atovarp

Both Maite and Andrés caused a sensation in networks and their publication quickly went viral on the internet. Among the messages they received, the presence of some artists stood out, such as Adrián Uribe, Karla Día, Sandra Echeverría and Yanet García, who agreed that the couple looked resplendent in their photographs.

The actress of Rebel and the television producer made their romance official at the end of last October, this after the scandal occurred due to the sudden separation of Tovar and his ex-wife Claudia Martín. At that time, speculation began about a third person in contention, rumors that grew after the courtship of the former partner of the actress was revealed. Without your look with the singer, for which she was identified as the culprit of the separation.

However, when the lovers made their romance known through a publication on Instagram, the protagonist of Dark desire He explained that the relationship arose naturally when the two were already single and was influenced by the friendship they had had for approximately two decades. It is worth mentioning that Andrés Tovar and Claudia Martín divorced last August.

(Photo: Instagram: @Maiteperroni)
(Photo: Instagram: @Maiteperroni)

“Things were not as they were told and we don’t want to be part of this media circus (which seems to have to endure people who are dedicated to the medium of entertainment, since under the pretext of “freedom of expression” limits are broken in which people’s lives are violated and destroyed). For this reason, it is very important for us to clarify this situation, “said Maite in the post.

“We have been friends for 20 years and this year we found that we were living the same process: each was in mourning for having ended a romantic relationship“Explained the Mexican actress and singer, thereby denying the rumors about the divorce of his current partner and his ex-wife.


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