Maître Gims totally cracks and panics the web

The rapper could not contain his nerves in front of his TV and his new Playstation 5 this Friday, November 20 and the reason is hilarious …

The new Playstation 5 caused a sensation among gamers this week. Fans rushed to buy it to get started playing with the latest in gaming technology … Its release didn’t go unnoticed either by Master Gims who obviously hastened to have his Playstation 5.

However, on his device something does not seem to work, and in a video circulating on twitter we see the rapper, without his dark glasses, go completely crazy. In front of his TV, the console keeps repeating “Asterisk asterisk asterisk“. A bug that lasts long enough to make Maitre Gims lose patience …

Controller in hand, the rapper has gone wild and we can hear him screaming on television “But you’re going to shut your mouth!”

The video quickly made the buzz on social networks … Fortunately an internet user came to his aid and explained the problem to Master Gims commenting “It’s normal, he has activated the reading of texts, you just have to deactivate”.

Obviously, the rapper has found a news in occupation while waiting for the release of his latest album “Scourge”. Indeed, Master Gims has decided to postpone the release of his latest album because of the Covid-19.

Find the images where the rapper totally cracks in front of his television in our video above!

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