MAJ Assassin’s Creed Valhalla : Digital Foundry compare les versions PS5 et Xbox Series X et S

After months of waiting, the consoles next-gen are finally here. PS5 and Xbox Series X and S are available, at least for the lucky ones who managed to pre-order them. Obviously, after a communication strongly focused on the power of calculations and other Teraflops, the question arises: which console does best when it comes to running the games?

Digital Foundry offered us a first comparison with Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, which fared slightly better on Xbox Series X. Today, our colleagues do it again with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Small novelty, the Xbox Series S version is also in the game, which was not the case for their previous comparison. As a reminder, this production is part of the list of games optimized for Xbox Series X | S.

The Xbox Series S version, let’s talk about it: the latter is aimed at a framerate at 30 fps, a small disappointment for testers. However, they note that the frame rate is relatively stable and only drops slightly at a few passages a bit busy. Regarding the resolution, the game oscillates between 1188p and 1656p, and is mainly located at 1296p. Of course, this is less than for the other versions. Other differences: the shadows resolution is lower, and some textures are less detailed (trees, terrain, etc.).

We come to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. First observation, in terms of resolution and level of detail, the two versions are equal. Our colleagues analyzed about ten scenes and, with one exception, noticed no notable difference. The only changes noted in the same scene are due to the context of the latter: the brightness is not necessarily the same since the same kinematics can take place both during the day and in the middle of the night, the clouds are not necessarily in the dark. same place, neither the sun, etc. In details, Digital Foundry states that the game is running between 1440p and 1728p; it’s not impossible for the title to hit 4K at times, but that didn’t show up during testing.

To find differences, we must look to the framerate. Both versions aim for 60 frames per second, and generally succeed. Nevertheless, the game sometimes struggles and our colleagues then observed tearing and a fall of framerate. According to them, the Xbox Series X version would be more prone to these kinds of problems, although the PS5 is not exempt from them. But the difference is sometimes quite pronounced: the PS5 can have a frame rate per second up to 15% higher than that of the Xbox Series X.

However, the Series X version has a major advantage with the VRR (Variable Refresh Rate, variable refresh rate). If you are playing on a compatible TV, the tearing disappears and the gaming experience emerges better. The PS5 does not support this technology. On this kind of screen, the Xbox Series X therefore pulls out of the game.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is available from € 61.49 on Amazon. As a reminder, the PS4 version offers a free update to the PS5 version, while the Smart Delivery is on the Xbox consoles.

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Update : concerning framerate, Digital Foundry reconsiders his words and affirms that, at certain times, the PS5 version can be up to 25% more powerful.


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