Major Cineplex Group in collaboration with True Digital Group offers COVID-19 insurance for free!

April 11, 2021


When watching movies at the movie theaters of the Major Cineplex Group, they offer 30,000 privileges for free !! COVID-19 protection from FWD General Insurance.

withMajor Cineplex Group Company Limited (Public) Get together with True Digital Group Co., Ltd. Caring for Thai people from the COVID-19 epidemic situation Which gavePrivileges for COVID Protection Insurance-19 free!! from FWD General Insurance number 30,000 The first right with maximum coverage up to 200,000.- baht Coverage period for up to 30 Day for True customers That come to watch movies in all major Cineplex Group theaters nationwide From today to date 30 June 2564

Details of coverage are as follows

Death benefit Loss of limbs, sight, or total permanent disability (Or.Bor.1) Maximum protection 30,000 baht

Coma sickness benefits Which is caused by coronavirus infection 2019 Maximum protection 200,000 baht

Daily compensation benefits In case of staying as an inpatient due to illness with coronavirus infection 2019 Maximum protection 500 baht / Peak day 30 day

Funeral benefits and funeral expenses In case of loss of life from injury or illness Maximum protection 10,000 THB waiting period 180 day (In case of loss of life due to illness)


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