major epidemic focus at Loudun hospital, admissions suspended

About sixty patients and caregivers at the establishment have tested positive for Covid-19. Already last May, an epidemic outbreak was detected in Loudun hospital (Vienna).

All services are affected. The Poitiers CHU on which the Loudun hospital (Vienne) depends confirms this Friday morning: fifty-seven cases of coronavirus have been detected. The analyzes revealed that twenty-six patients and twenty-six caregivers of the establishment, as well as five residents of the nursing home are contaminated. Caregivers, most of whom have been vaccinated, are currently in confinement.

This is the case of Franck Texier, caregiver; he finishes his quarantine next week and speaks of a “contagion at high speed”.

Despite the barrier gestures, despite the masks, we have everything we need, but we realize that it is highly contagious. And we no longer manage to trace, nor to know where it comes from.

– Franck Texier, caregiver

Franck Texier has tested positive for the second time in less than a year. Last May, a screening campaign had resulted in the discovery of about twenty cases, but this time he evokes a very different situation, with a “much stronger” contamination. “Everyone is afraid to go to work, it gets complicated,” he explains.

If this is not the first time that a cluster has touched the Loudun healthcare establishment, its scale is however unprecedented. Admissions have therefore been suspended except for Covid cases. A Covid unit has also been set up to accommodate infected patients.

The health authorities do not confirm at this stage the presence of the English variant of the virus but questions arise. All caregivers and patients at Loudun hospital will be screened on March 3.

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