Majority agreement on the complementary health plan for civil servants

Now validated by the Force Ouvrière union, the agreement will apply to 2.5 million public employees.

First state civil service union, Force Ouvrière gave the green light on Friday to the signing of the project on complementary health, enough to guarantee a majority agreement with the equally favorable opinion of four other representative organizations.

«The General Federation of Force Ouvrière civil servants will sign the interministerial agreement relating to supplementary social protection (PSC) in terms of covering the costs incurred by maternity, illness or accident in the State civil service.the union said in a statement. Of the seven state civil service unions, the five that have already spoken (FO, Unsa, CFDT, CGT, CFE-CGC) totaled 65% of the votes in the last professional elections.

A signing ceremony scheduled for Wednesday

A formal signing ceremony for the agreement, which will apply from 2024 to 2.5 million public officials, is scheduled for Wednesday morning. Almost a year after the ordinance which had recorded the assumption by the State of 50% of the costs of complementary health of its agents, the basket of care to which this percentage will apply is therefore stopped. Since January 1, civil servants who so request benefit each month from a flat-rate contribution of 15 euros from their employer towards their contributions.

Once the agreement enters into force, the monthly support of the State should at least double to reach a floor of around 30 euros, according to several participants in the negotiations. The majority nature of the agreement makes it compulsory to adhere to future collective contracts that the public employer will sign with the complementary bodies. Although the calculation of a precise amount is complex, the complementary health market for public officials represents several billion euros, according to the president of the Mutuality public service Serge Brichet. “The State should inject one billion euros annually in the financing of the PSC for its agents“, anticipates to AFP the boss of this union of 18 public service mutuals.

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