“Makaisenki DISGAEA RPG” dual-platform appointment for the last week to release game features and combat system information “Makaisenki ディスガイア RPG”

Hong Kong-based Boltrend Games announced today (31) that it was jointly developed by Japanese game makers ForwardWorks and Nippon Ichi Software, Inc., the most fierce Japanese RPG in history.Disgaea RPG》The Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Malaysia version will be officially launched on September 7. As the dual platform advance reservation enters the final countdown stage, the official also officially released the game features and turn-based combat gameplay introduction.

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Officially listed on September 7th, we invite you to join the “Disgaea RPG

The operation and development team would like to thank all the demon kings for their patience.Disgaea RPG“Officially launched on 9/7 (Tuesday) with only one week left, and it’s free as soon as the server opens ★ The 4 character “Fallen Angel Furong” and the unique “Unlimited First Draw” of this game are drawn until you are satisfied, not only that,”Disgaea RPG》The fan club plus ten consecutive draws are in full swing. Remember to follow and like the fan club so that you won’t miss the good news!

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Disgaea RPG》The protagonist of the series gathers evil spirits, everyone is fighting

  《Disgaea RPG“The heroes and heroines of the series gathered together to launch an adventure chapter based on the original story of “The Strongest Devil”. On the stage of “Alien”, you can experience the charm of the characters of the past generations. You can also customize the background of the base and the background music of the original works, experience the original and wonderful adventure story of the works of the past generations, and give the demon kings a double enjoyment of vision and hearing.

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Reincarnation, awakening, demonic transformation, divine power distribution, and develop a unique and exclusive character!

Characters are divided into human-type and monster-type. There are 4 types of attribute resistance: fire, water, wind, and stars. Some character attack skills have attributes.Characters can increase the upper limit of their level through the rebirth of characters in the “Mao Training Room”. Each rebirth increases the upper limit of 100 levels. Different types of characters use the corresponding reincarnation materials to consume. The reincarnation materials can be usedDark gateObtained, there are 2 types of humanoid reincarnation material gate and monster-shaped material gate. In the course of the battle, activating skills at the right time will effectively influence the situation of the battle.

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Turn-based combat gameplay, easy to fight super-aggressive battles with over 100 million damage!

The combat system uses a turn-based command-based gameplay. There are 9 kinds of weapons, 4 kinds of attribute attacks, physical and magical range attacks, single attacks, and recovery skills. Choose suitable characters and skills for different attribute resistances to fight and enjoy strategic play. After acquiring skills or magic, it can cause more than billions of trillions of damage. Enjoy the joy of crushing. If you want to hit a few zeros, just hit a few zeros. It’s comfortable! At the same time, the game corresponds to the maximum 4 times speed and automatic combat, the operation is very convenient, the devil can choose a more suitable combat method.


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