Makan Fofana, the art of the suburbs

Published on : 30/01/2021 – 16:30Modified : 20/01/2021 – 10:32

He likes to present himself as an archaeologist. Is that so? You’re sure? Yes. Archaeologist looking for fragments of stories to invent the suburbs of the future. Yes, but when we speak the language of Makan Fofana, we say suburb of Turfu.

The man (still in his thirties) is a follower of re-enchantment with big brothers whose name is Booba, Nietzsche and JK Rowling. Let us say from the outset In G Major, that our guest has much more literary origins than Malian, for example. In fact, I’m trying to tell you that his journey is both very interior and very real. That he is in perpetual revolution, capable of moving from Islam to modeling and then dropping all the backpacks. Because for him, everything is only imaginary. And then in Banlieusard, there is Art. And would not be zapping it … To read soon at Tana éditions The suburb of Turfu, of Makan Fofana.

Makan Fofana’s musical choices

Danik Easports

Charles Bradley Ain’t It a sin


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