Makarevich remembered the conversation with Putin about McCartney

As the musician noted, they met with the President of Russia in 2003.

Andrei Makarevich. Photo: Global Look Press

Singer Andrei Makarevich, in a conversation with Mikhail Pellivert, recalled how in 2003 he spoke at a concert of British musician Paul McCartney with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Luzhkov was there too. I remember, of course, this time. I have said many times that Putin made a good impression on me then, sitting next to me. By the way, they put me on him, not him on me.”

Andrey Makarevich

According to Makarevich, Putin told him how he drove McCartney around the Kremlin that morning. “McCartney invited me to the concert, but Putin said that he probably wouldn’t succeed. And then McCartney sat down at the piano and sang “Let it be” not for journalists, but for Putin. Putin told me: “It struck me.” And he decided to come to the concert. I thought he was a normal man, ”said Andrei Makarevich.

Recall that Andrew Makarevich together with his wife Einat Klein went to live in Israel. From there, he made several high-profile anti-Russian statements.

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