Make a perfect female cosplay of Franky from One Piece

We have been highlighting the best anime cosplays for some time One Piece, and we have discovered real wonders on social media. Many cosplayers have spectacular creativity!

We have come to discover all kinds of One Piece character cosplays such as this female Zoro cosplay The how this one from Monkey D. Luffy. And today it was the turn of Franky. But the cosplay that we will see next is not the typical cosplay, it is a Female version of the character that we are sure will surprise you.

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Don’t miss this female version of Franky

The one in charge of carrying out this curious and magnificent cosplay female character Franky from the anime One Piece has been the cosplayer @terminacosplay from Instagram. And he has shared some photographs on the social network:

Franky is one of the most popular characters among One Piece fans. If you consider yourself a great follower of this character, you cannot miss this fan art of a terrifying version by Franky. You’re going to love it!

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