Make anti-Covid vaccines compulsory in Belgium? “This possibility should not be ruled out too quickly …”

For Georges Dallemagne, without group immunity, we risk several thousand more deaths in Belgium.

The announcement of the imminent arrival of two vaccines is blowing a wave of hope in the perspective of a finally effective fight against Covid-19. And already it faces the fear of part of the population in the face of the vaccine.

With this in mind, Georges Dallemagne, deputy CDH and doctor trained in epidemiology, produced a summary table comparing the effectiveness of different vaccines. It includes the two anti-Covid vaccine candidates closest to being ready: that of Pfizer, whose phase 3 shows effectiveness at “more than 90%” in participants (according to full results of their large-scale clinical trial released Wednesday, the efficacy is even 95%), but also that of Moderna, effective at 94.5%. But he also compared the results of these two vaccines with those of the vaccines against the seasonal flu, smallpox, measles, tetanus, tuberculosis and whooping cough.

Why such a comparison? To show that thees data communicated on the anti-Covid vaccine is very good news! […]”

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