Make It Up! Only two days of marriage, Felicya Angelista has shown an ultrasound photo – After 7 years of love, young couple Caesar Hito and Felicya Angelista finally officially held their marriage on Saturday (09/01). Held at The Tribrata building, the special event went smoothly without a hitch.

After walking to the altar with Felicya, Caesar Hito loudly said his marriage vows and officially became husband and wife. But unfortunately, only two days of marriage, Felicya has made netizens excited through his posts.

1. Upload the Ultrasound Photo

A few hours ago, Felicya uploaded an ultrasound photo on his Instagram. In the photo, there is a fetus that is still the size of a bud.

Of course, netizens were immediately excited to see the post. Moreover, Feli and Hito just got married two days ago.

2. Cuma Endorse

After being traced, it turned out that Felicya’s post was only an endorsement. She is promoting an online shop for couples who are pregnant. Reading the post caption, many netizens were deceived and even fellow artists also commented.

I’m shocked! Ha ha ha ha, “wrote Audi Marissa.

Hahaha shocked, “added Aurelie Moeremans.


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