Make Prof. Big set. Adjust the dark red area to 24 provinces. Move curfew to 5 pm to 3 am.

Prof. Prof. Make a big set of Prof. Adjust the dark red area to 24 provinces. Move curfew to 5 pm to 3 am. Effective October 16. Knock out 10 low risk countries. Accepting foreign tourists into Thailand without detaining

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On October 13, 64, a reporter reported from the Government House that on October 14 at 10:00 a.m. General Prayut Chan-ocha Prime Minister and Minister of Defense As the director of the Center for Management of the Epidemic of COVID-19 or (CDC) will chair a large meeting of the CCC. To assess the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic after 14 days of easing and adjusting the measures of various activities

However Prof. B.E.C. It will be proposed to the general meeting of the CCP to consider further relaxation. Also consider re-adjusting the color to a maximum and strict control area or deep red.24 provinces left The highest controlled area or the red area of ​​29 provinces and the control area or orange of 24 provinces

at the same time Prof. B.E.C. will be proposed to the meeting of the CCP Consider traveling outside your home or curfew. by offering to change the time from the original 22.00-04.00 the following day to 23.00 – 03.00 the following day for another 14 days from 16 – 31 October 2021

As for the activities in the dark red area, it is proposed to relax and adjust the measures, namely to be able to hold meetings including institutes in exhibition centers, convention centers or exhibition venues and similar places in shopping malls or hotels

by adjusting the number of people gathering according to the color space level by giving Maximum and strict control area Do not organize events for more than 50 people. maximum control area Do not organize events with more than 100 people.

control area Do not hold events for more than 200 people. high caution area Do not hold events for more than 300 people, and surveillance area Ban activities that gather more than 500 people, including opening a day-to-day care facility for the elderly.

but must be approved by the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee or the Bangkok Communicable Disease Committee The activities that will adjust the measure this time to be opened no later than 22.00

In addition, it will propose to the meeting of the CCC to consider ways to open the country to accommodate tourists in 10 low-risk countries without quarantine. The main factors will be considered. The number of infected people in each country

while Ministry of Health prepare to offer Prof. to consider cross vaccination formula, which isAstraZeneca injection followed by Pfizer.

In addition, it will be proposed to the meeting to consider measures, guidelines, preparation in various fields to support the opening of the country to tourists on November 1, including the readiness of various aspects before allowing the opening of entertainment venues. Can drink and eat on December 1, with what the proposals will be clear, wait for the resolution of the main BOE meeting on October 14

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