Maláčová wants to reach out to the salaries not only of politicians, but also of judges and prosecutors. Babiš refuses – ČT24 – Czech Television

“I don’t know why we should freeze the salaries of judges and prosecutors, it has nothing to do with it. Politicians and an independent judiciary, that is something completely different and there is no reason to do so, “the Prime Minister commented.

“I wanted to treat everyone the same, because I think it should be that we should not make exceptions, but of course it will be decided by the government and the Chamber of Deputies,” the Minister of Labor said of the proposals.

The salary base of politicians corresponds to 2.5 times the average salary of civil servants from the previous year, for judges it is three times. The specific amount of salary depends on specific functions and increases with other coefficients.

The Ministry of Labor promotes a link to the minimum wage, specifically four times. The growth of the minimum wage would then be set automatically every year.

Politicians will have an understanding for the growth of the minimum wage, says Maláčová

The ordinary legislator currently receives almost 91 thousand crowns. Ministers then over 180 thousand crowns. Next year it could be the same or less. The Ministry of Labor would cut 17,000 for members of parliament and over 30,000 for cabinet members.

“Politicians will then have a greater understanding of the increase in the minimum wage. Every year, I fight for every hundred crowns in terms of the minimum wage. I think it could then help to imagine what money people have to work for in our country, “argues Maláčová.

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However, the plan has its critics. “Although it sets up a kind of automaton for the creation of a minimum wage, it is a highly political issue that we do not have to agree on, and then the salaries of constitutional officials would be decided by a tripartite,” points out Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová (for YES).

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, this is unacceptable, and he therefore wants to come up with his own proposal, specifically next year to keep salaries at the level of this year and in the future to link them to the growth of the average wage.

Members also come up with similar proposals. “We are consistently pushing for a salary freeze and, of course, we will support our and any other proposal in this regard,” says SPD Chairman Tomio Okamura.

According to Pirates, it is necessary to take into account the situation when the economy is in crisis. “It would be fair to save even at the level of politicians’ salaries. Our proposal will save the state budget about half a billion crowns, “promises party chairman Ivan Bartoš.

The ODS and TOP 09 are critical of the changes. “If someone has no topic before the election, they will come up with a proposal to freeze salaries. Do we have a deficit of 500 billion and will we deal with a few hundred salaries? I don’t think it matters, “says Zbyněk Stanjura, chairman of the ODS parliamentary group.

The first deputy chairman of TOP 09, Tomáš Czernin, perceives the problem in a similar way. “Constitutional officials are people who have a great responsibility, and if we talk about reducing their salaries, it will not help the state budget in the end,” he said.

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In addition to members of parliament or government, the proposals concern, for example, the president. The question remains, how will it be with judges and prosecutors. “If it is to be an intervention in the system, it should have a certain logic, ie measure similar groups in a similar way,” believes Jiří Dolejš (KSČM), a member of the House Budget Committee.

“The Constitutional Court stated that legislators should not interfere with the judiciary in such a way in their salary,” recalls Věra Kovářová, vice-president of STAN. Efforts to reduce judges’ salaries have failed in the past.

Restrictions on the growth of remuneration are approved by KDU-ČSL. “The People’s Party supports the freezing of politicians ‘salaries, including the freezing of judges’ salaries,” confirmed Jan Bartošek, chairman of KDU-ČSL deputies.

From next year, the minimum wage will most likely change. The government decides on that itself.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the remuneration for representatives of municipalities and regions should not change next year either. The resort justifies this by saying that local government revenues are falling due to the coronavirus pandemic, while expenditures are rising.

“I would also accept a kind of freeze for my colleagues, but it cannot only concern the communal sphere. It should apply to all those who receive a certain reward from the state, and the state should freeze this reward for all these groups, “suggests Stanislav Polčák (STAN), chairman of the Association of Local Authorities.


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