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Mirpur: A madrassa teacher has been arrested for allegedly molesting an 11-year-old boy who was staying at a religious school attached to the madrassa. Abdul Momin, 30, a native of Boyra in Bangladesh’s Gazipur Tangail Bhuvapur Upasila, was arrested.

Abdul Momin is a teacher at the Al Madrasat Li-Tahfazil Quran Madrasa in the South Harinal area. Momin molested the student around 2:30 a.m. Friday. An 11-year-old student in the Hafez department was awakened from his sleep and taken to a room where he was tortured. Momin called the student to his room and asked him to massage his hands and feet with oil.

As soon as the student entered the room, the door was locked from the inside. The student was then threatened and sexually abused. The student, who died after the incident, called his father. The father then lodged a complaint against Mom at the Sardar police station on Saturday. The student was then subjected to counseling and interviewed. Based on this statement, the police registered a case against the madrassa teacher. The teacher was taken into police custody from a residence adjacent to the religious school during the ensuing investigation. He pleaded guilty during questioning. He was then booked by various departments and produced in court and remanded.

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Meanwhile, Abdul Momin had earlier reportedly molested children who had visited the madrassa. There are indications that some others will come forward to lodge a complaint in this regard. The children, who did not speak at home due to fear, revealed this when Momin was arrested. Police sources said more complaints would be received in the coming days. Meanwhile, Momin will be taken into police custody for further investigation and evidence. The police said that the application will be filed in the court soon.

In another shocking incident today, a stepfather was arrested in a case of molesting a 14-year-old girl in Kalpakancherry. He raped the daughter of his first wife. Poxo charged against him. The accused is staying in a rented house. According to the police, the accused molested the child at this house. The information that she was pregnant came to light when she went to the doctor in Puthanathani with her mother for stomach upset. The accused was arrested by Kalpakancherry CI MB Riyas Raja and his gang. Following the examination, the doctor informed the police. A subsequent investigation revealed that the stepfather had molested her.

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