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Credits: YouTube/ Nito Souji

It was with the advent of the Kovid epidemic that socialized human beings shifted to a culture of isolation. But even before Kovid in Japan, there was such a way of isolating oneself. A person who is home alone or under house arrest is called a ‘hikikomori’ in Japan. These are people who can live without social interaction.

According to the study, the Japan Times reports that there are more than 1 million hiccups across the country. The Japanese Ministry of Health defines people as those who have been isolated from their community for at least six months and remain severely isolated at home.

One such person is a young man named Nito Souji. Souji, an artist and professional game developer, has been a hiccup for the past 10 years. He only leaves his apartment once every two months to have his hair cut.

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After graduating from a university in Tokyo, Nito returned home without finding a good job. According to media reports, he wanted to remain a hiccup for three years to practice drawing and create comics until he became financially independent. But still, Nito stays in his cousin’s apartment in Kobe with only limited contact with the outside world. Ingredients will be delivered online as ordered online.

Nito Souji spoke to the media about one of his days starting at 11am. After waking up, have breakfast while reading the news. Over the next hour, the game will read and reply to emails required for the development project. He will then prepare lunch and return to work. In the evening, do 20 minutes of physical exercise. Will be working again after dinner and going to bed at 4am.

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Since 2015, Nito has been learning English and working on a game inspired by his personal experiences of being alone. The name of this game is Pull Stay. The game was released in October 2020. The game features a hero modeled on Nito Sauji himself. He also runs a YouTube live streaming channel with over 20,000 subscribers. Sauji is able to dedicate himself completely to his work.

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