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Khabi’s hobby is trolling the stupid things that some people do in order to go viral on social media

Khabi Laim alias Khabane Laim is a star who has become popular on social media in a short span of time. Of course, we may have seen the video of Khabi, who was born in Senegal and settled in Italy. Khabi’s hobby is trolling the stupid things that some people do in order to go viral on social media.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Tick Tock are not so easy to make waves on social media. Likes and comments will decrease if the post is not content that captures followers. Therefore, the number of viewers, including social media involvement services, is increasing by doing a lot of headlines and headlines to attract the attention of the viewers. But Khabi Lyme is the star of Tick Tock without saying a single word in any video so far.

Khabi, 21, lost her job due to corona. A video was first posted on Khabi Tick Tock in March last year to change Borati. The video content was about how each person sanitizes their hands. After receiving a good response, Khabi started making this kind of video regularly and very quickly it hit 1 million.

Later, Khabi himself started posting world famous reaction videos. Khabi reacted to the video of a man breaking a glass charger to remove a phone charger that had fallen into his hand. Khabi does the video by showing how to do it easily and simply for a video that depicts something that can be done easily.

The video, which became popular all over the world, garnered likes and comments. Khabi later focused on such videos. One and a half years after the first video was posted, Khabi has more than 100 million followers.

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August 29, 2021 12:23 PM IS


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