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India’s Sajan Prakash, who competed in the 200m butterfly at the Olympics, is out of the semis. Sajan finished fourth in the heat. Sajan finished the race in 1:57:32 seconds.

Sajan was ranked 24th overall in the heats when 16 players advanced to the semis with the best time in five heats to qualify for the semi – finals. No one who competed in Sajan’s Heathouse has qualified for the semis.

Sajan was relegated to fourth at the last minute in the heat. There was only a 13 millisecond difference between the third-placed Irishman, Highland, and Sajan. The best time was of Hungarian Christoph Milak, who competed in the first heat of the match (1:53:58).

The athlete, who was eliminated from the 200m butterfly, now competes in the 100m in the same event. The 100m butterfly will be held on the 29th.

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Earlier, Sajan Prakash became the first Indian swimmer to qualify for the Olympics. Sajan Prakash qualified for the championship in Rome. Sajan qualified for the Olympics by qualifying for the A category. In swimming, Sajan’s best time is one minute 56.38 seconds.

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Meanwhile, Sajan is India’s last hope in swimming. Sreehari Natarajan and Mana Patel, who represented India in yesterday’s matches, were out of the heat. In the Heat, Sreehari finished fifth with a disappointing performance. Meanwhile, Mana Patel, who unexpectedly qualified for the Games, finished second in the Heat House but fell behind in time.

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Nine Malayalees have been included in the Indian team that bought tickets for the Tokyo Olympics. M Sreesankar in the long jump, KT Irfan in the 20 km walk, MP Jabir in the 400 m hurdles, Mohammad Anas and Noah Nirmal Tom in the 4 X 400 m relay team and Alex Antony in the 4 X 400 m mixed relay are the Malayalee athletes competing in the Tokyo Olympics. In addition, Indian hockey player P.R. Sreejesh is also in the group.

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