Malaysia Visa Exemption for Indians and Chinese from December 1 | Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s Announcement

2023-11-27 05:03:00

27th Nov 2023 10:33 AM | Contemporary Malayalam Desk

Kuala Lumpur: Indians no longer require a visa to stay in Malaysia for up to 30 days. Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced that this exemption is for Indians and Chinese from December 1.

Anwar Ibrahim made the announcement in his speech at the People’s Justice Party Congress. But it is not clear how long this exemption will continue. Indians and Chinese have a large share of foreigners visiting Malaysia. India ranks fifth in the list of visitors.

About 91 lakh tourists visited Malaysia during the period from January to June. About five lakh of them are Chinese. The number of Indians is regarding three lakhs. Before Covid, more Indians and Chinese have visited Malaysia. As of 2019, the number of Chinese visiting Malaysia has tripled compared to this year. Statistics show that more than one lakh Indians visited Malaysia in 2019.

Malaysia’s decision is similar to Thailand’s move to attract tourists. This year, Thailand has made it possible for Indians and Chinese to visit the country without a visa. Similarly, Malaysia has given concessions to Indians and Chinese as part of a bid to attract more tourists.

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