Malaysia Woman Caught Urinating in Supermarket: Shocking Viral Video Sparks Outrage

2023-06-03 06:12:58

A woman in Malaysia urinated directly in a supermarket a few days ago, and the entire scene was captured by a surveillance camera. (Photo/TikTok@__amermuhsin)

A woman in Malaysia urinated directly in a supermarket a few days ago. The entire scene was captured by a monitor, and her friend was watching from the sidelines. The exaggerated behavior immediately aroused heated discussions, and the location of the store was also searched out by netizens. .

According to local media reports in MalaysiaA few days ago, the TikTok account @__amermuhsin released a video, in which two women can be seen shopping in a convenience store, but one of them behaved strangely, as if she was holding her urine, and the two walked around the store for a while, Seeing other customers entering the store, they left again.

Later, the two women turned back into the store again. A man and a woman who were about to enter the store noticed that they were behaving strangely, so they paid special attention to them. Unexpectedly, the woman couldn’t help it, and stood directly behind the shelf to relieve herself on the spot. Then flee in a hurry.

After the picture was exposed, it caused heated discussions. Many netizens were dumbfounded and thought why they didn’t go to the nearby public toilets to solve it; and the public picture was suspected to be a supermarket clerk, and this supermarket was also searched by the majority of netizens. delete.

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