Malcolm X Daughters Want Murder Case Reopened After New Evidence Discovered | NOW

The daughters of American black activist Malcolm X, murdered in 1965, have asked Justice in New York State to reopen the investigation into their father’s murder. They are making this request because new evidence has been uncovered about possible involvement of the New York police and the federal intelligence agency FBI in the murder.

During a press conference, a letter from the now deceased New York police officer Raymond Wood was read, accusing the police and the FBI of being complicit in the murder.

Wood, who was black and worked as an undercover cop, had approached Malcolm X’s entourage on behalf of his superiors. He writes that he had set two of Malcolm X’s bodyguards into a trap. They were arrested a few days before the murder and were unable to protect X on the day of the assassination attempt.

“Any evidence that offers insight into the truth behind this terrible tragedy must be thoroughly investigated,” said Ilyasah Shabazz, one of Malcolm X’s six daughters, at the press conference.

Born Malcolm Little in 1925, Malcolm X was the face of some radical Muslim organizations fighting for equal rights for the black population. He was shot by three men in a theater in New York. The main suspect Talmadge Hayer confessed to the murder and was held in custody until 2010.

The New York prosecutor says the new facts surrounding the murder case are currently being studied.


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