Malle-Jens widow: Daniela Büchner loves Ennesto Monté

Yesterday, Tuesday two years ago, her husband Jens Büchner (1969–2018), also known as an emigrant from the Vox program “Goodbye Germany” and nicknamed Malle-Jens, succumbed to cancer. Since then, Daniela Büchner (42) has raised her five children by herself and has also managed her own café on Mallorca. Now the TV woman is finally enjoying togetherness again: the widow is freshly in love.

The new man by her side is no stranger: It is pop singer Ennesto Monté (45), ex-boyfriend of the jungle camp resident Helena Fürst (46). There was a lot of spark between the two. At the beginning of the month Büchner was still covered. “I would say we are in the phase of getting to know each other,” she said on Instagram.

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