Mallorca: race between British and Germans – who will be the first to throw his towel on the couches?

Magaluf for the British, Ballermann for the Germans – in earlier times the party miles – like some other vacation spots – on Mallorca were neatly divided between the nations. There is currently a yawning void on the Balearic island, vacationers are staying away from the corona crisis.

Brits and Germans alike can enter most regions of Spain after extensive testing, but at home they expect 14 or up to ten days of quarantine after returning home. For many, no practicable or at least attractive prospect, plus the local restrictions. This had a drastic impact on the Balearic Islands: in 2020, only 223,000 travelers from Great Britain arrived – a decrease of 93 percent compared to the previous year – and 720,459 holidaymakers from Germany – a decrease of 84 percent.

But what are the prospects for the coming summer? Maybe already for Pentecost? Will the British or Germans be the first to throw their towel on a Mallorcan pool lounger?

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