Malnutrition: Tawö, the video game that offers meals to children

“Our goal is to fund 500,000 meals for malnourished children,” says Florent Albero. This Charentais is currently leading a crowdfunding campaign to develop the second version of Tawö, a free video game for smartphones already available on the Apple Store and Google Play. The concept is intended to be novel and charitable: playing it will generate funds converted into meals, real ones.

The game is like a marathon: “Tawö, the character, travels the world. Players must take care of it to allow it to move forward. Each new step taken will finance a meal, ”explains Florent Albero. This 44-year-old former soldier converted into real estate has decided to inject his own funds to launch this “life project”.

Florent Albera financed 10,000 meals

“I had a click during a trip to Panama with my son Toni. He asked me why some children didn’t have shoes, ”he says. The current fundraising must be used to “bring more interactivity, content in the application and translate it into English” to unite more players. Because Florent Albero’s ambition is to work in collaboration with WFP, the UN’s world food program.

To finance meals, the Charentais intends to rely on partnerships, donations and micro-purchases in the game. “But no advertising! It only takes 0.70 euros to feed a child all day, ”he recalls. If the current campaign brings together enough donors, Florent Albero has also pledged to pay 10,000 meals out of his own pocket.

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