Maluma reveals his phone number to have contact with his fans

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Reggaeton star Maluma has surprised his followers by revealing his private phone number to be in greater contact with them, where he asked them to write to him.

The Pretty Boy surprised everyone by revealing that during this stay at home he does not have many activities to do, so he prefers to share time with his followers.

It was through a video on his official Instagram account where we see the famous exercising and then invite everyone to keep in touch with him.

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Since I don’t have many things to do, I want to give them my private cell number. I want people who want to talk to me to text me. We will be in contact there, I will leave them there to write to me these days, said the singer.

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Along with the video with the excellent news, the interpreter of happy the 4 shared a message with his phone number.

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This is my cell Write me # 1 (718) 223-4307, I’m pending./ This is my pon number 1 (718) 223-4307, text me (only U.S and Canada for now), wrote Maluma.

However, not everything is good news since the Pretty Boy clarified that this will be available only to his followers of United States and Canada; However, he pointed out that this is temporary and very soon his fans from Latin America will be able to write to him.



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  1. HI, I love u so much and my mom said i can love every one how I want Evan thought i am7 so ya I wish I can talk to u but I prefer u call me !!! lol XOXO love u so much like a daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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