man got married at 95: 95 years old; The long-awaited soul mate is now a life partner; വൈരലായൊരു കല്യാണം – man aged 95 married to love of his life goes viral on social media

(Image: WalesOnline/Rob Browne)

Finding a suitable partner and getting married will be one of everyone’s biggest dreams in life. It will be a great blessing to be able to marry the person you have been waiting for for years. Such a love story has now conquered the minds of social media.

A 95-year-old man has proven that age is not a barrier to true love blossoming. Another feature is that this is his first marriage. Julianne Moyle, 95, decided to have a life partner in her old age. The bride is Valerie Williams, 84. The couple exchanged wedding rings at the same church where they first met 23 years ago.

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The marriage took place at Calvary Baptist Church in Canton, Cardiff. Forty people, including friends and relatives, witnessed this awkward moment. Julian, an Australian, arrived in London in 1954. He met his life partner, who was born and raised in Cardiff, 23 years ago. The marriage proposal to Julian Valerie took place last February.

Valerie said she is very happy to be able to get married years later. “I can not believe it,” Valerie added. Julian said it was a big surprise. “We look forward to being together throughout our married life,” he added.

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