Man in the US Killed after Police Cracked His Neck with His Knee

ANTIOKHIA, – A Men of United States of America ( AS) named Angelo Quinto (30) died after Police pressed against his neck with his knee for nearly five minutes.

Reporting from CNN, Wednesday (24/2/2021), Quinto is a man who is suffering mental disorders.

The incident started when Quinto’s sister, Isabella Collins, called the police on December 23, 2020.

In his report, Collins asked the police to come to their home in Antioch, California, The US because he was worried that Quinto would hurt their mother.

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Before the police arrived, Quinto’s mother had been hugging him with her arms wrapped around his back for a few minutes and Quinto had started to calm down.

When two officers from the Antioch Police Department arrived, they made no effort to understand the situation and instead, grabbed Quinto from his mother’s embrace.

That’s when the unfortunate incident happened neck Quinto with a knee by one of the officers.

Quinto collapsed and was taken to a local hospital. After being treated, he was pronounced dead three days later, the family’s lawyer, John L Burris, said in a statement.

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Maria Quinto-Collins, Quinto’s mother, had a chance to film her son’s neck being crushed by the police with a knee.

“What happened,” he gasps in the video as Quinto appears motionless and lying in front of him.

The officers rolled him down and carried Quinto outside, and his face was covered in blood.

After that, paramedics came and performed chest compressions in Quinto as her mother was worried and filmed through her cellphone camera.

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It was not clear from the video whether the officers were wearing bodycam or body-mounted kamrea.

Nearly two months since Quinto’s death, the police have yet to issue a press release regarding the incident.

On Monday (22/2/2021), the Antioch Police Department and the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Inspection Division did not respond to requests for comment regarding the incident.

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“These Antioch police officers have handcuffed Angelo (Quinto) but did not stop their attack on the young man,” said Burris.

Burris added that the police action was the same as the one carried out Derek Chauvin to George Floyd.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff Coroner’s Office told: CNN on Monday it was still awaiting the results of an investigation into the cause of Quinto’s death.

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