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A man was killed by PDI officials after trying to prevent a police check in the commune of Independencia, in the Metropolitan region.

The situation occurred in Calle Fermín Vivaceta with Esquina Gamero, where the Investigative Police officers tried to control a vehicle that was moving without license plates and with a suspicious attitude.

Jaime Sepúlveda | RBB

In this context, the driver tried to evade the inspection, trying to run over the troops and then threaten them with a firearm.

Seeing his integrity in danger, the officials made use of their service weapons, hitting the man of Venezuelan nationality, who, as a result of the gunshot wounds, had to be rushed to the San José hospital. Precinct in which his death was later confirmed.

In parallel, the other four occupants of the mobile – all Venezuelans – were arrested, the one who had a current order for theft.

Jaime Sepúlveda | RBB

According to what was detailed by the head of the Robbery and Criminal Intervention Investigation Brigade, Commissioner Óscar Bacovic, the subjects would be part of the gang that assaulted the son of the president of the National Confederation of Cargo Transport in Lo Barnechea.

On that day, the criminals threatened him with a weapon and stole his watch, valued at around $ 30 million.

The first investigations would position the vehicles in a series of violent crimes that occurred in different communes of the capital.

The police reported the fact to the North Central Prosecutor’s Office of flagrante delicto, so that it could instruct the respective proceedings.

This article describes an ongoing legal process

There is a possibility that the charges will be dismissed at the end of the investigation, therefore The accused should NOT be considered as guilty until Justice dictates sentence against him.
(Article 04 of the Code of Criminal Procedure)


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