Man murders his ex-partner with stab wounds: Man murdered his ex-partner with 39 stab wounds when he saw her with another | International

The events occurred in the Guadalupe district, Pacasmayo province, La Libertad, Peru. Fiorela Liseth Díaz, 32, is the name of the woman who was the victim of her sentimental ex-partner, who, finding her having intercourse with a man, stabbed her 39 times until taking his life.

According to local media, the murder occurred in the early morning of July 18, when Fiorela’s ex-partner identified as 33-year-old Elmer Lucano arrived at the victim’s home and entered her with total secrecy.

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Then, as seen in the security camera videos, Elmer enters the woman’s room and when he finds her having sex with another man, he throws himself at them to stab them.; the man manages to flee while the woman was trapped before her executioner and he gave her 39 stab wounds.

The man who was with Fiorela manages to go to the victim’s company, which is a well-known chicken production company, to ask for help.; the workers are going to attend to the case, but it was too late, the woman died instantly as a result of her injuries.

The killer escaped from the scene on a motorcycle, but thanks to the prompt complaint and the actions of the police he was captured; once arrested, he confessed what happened.

I got to my house and found him with another man. I don’t know, I clouded over and attacked her. I’m sorry. My children are left alone”Said Fiorela’s ex-partner, who is in custody and the crime is under investigation. The first hypotheses show that it was a planned murder.

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