Man of Steel: This reference to the DC Comics universe that we all missed

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These days, Zack Snyder’s name is on the lips of all DCEU fans again. Particularly because the famous Snyder Cut, his very own version of Justice league, will finally see the light of day on the HBO Max platform, owned by Warner Bros. After years of waiting, fans, and non-fans, will finally discover the director’s complete vision. An exit which was announced just after Zack Snyder commented live (and online) a viewing of Man of Steel. This livestream was also the occasion for him to reveal certain details still unsuspected on the first blockbuster of the DCEU, including a reference to the world of Watchmen.

An image of Mars in reference to Watchmen, in Man of Steel

Remember, in the first part of the film, Lois Lane is investigating a NASA site in Alaska. There, a man gives him details of an object found in the mirror. A few scenes later, this same soldier was awakened with a start by the takeoff of the Kryptonian ship. In this scene, we can see that the wallpaper of the man in question is a photo of the surface of the planet Mars (see above). This is where things get interesting. This soldier is played by Alessandro Juliani, who had already played a similar role in Watchmen, also directed by Zack Snyder. His character in the film is the one who manages to locate Dr Manhattan on the planet Mars. The wallpaper is therefore a nod to the role it previously played. This is called paying attention to details! Before Man of Steel, these are the secrets of Batman v Superman that Zack Snyder revealed during a first livestream.



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