Man secretly pays ex’s mortgage for being a good mother

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England.- In social networks the case of Shaun Nyland, a tiktoker who paid the entire mortgage to his ex-partner for being a great mother, became viral.

Shaun Nyland, who lives in England, separated in February 2021 from Cat, who was his ex-partner for 7 years and with whom he has a son.

The separation was ended by both in a friendly way and both maintain a cordial and friendly relationship. However, she could not imagine the gift that was coming to her on her 31st birthday.

The event was shared as a young man on his TikTok account, in the video he throws the keys to the house and says he wanted to give him the best birthday of his life.

“I promised you that this house would be yours. I dialed the bank and paid it, you are the owner of the house ”, she commented.

Then the subject comments that he is very proud of her and that he considers her the best mother in the world, finally he asks to see the email to confirm the payment.

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