“Man Survives Terrifying Shark Attack While Kayaking off the Coast of Oahu, Hawaii”

2023-05-17 23:36:11

CAs we have only witnessed in the fiction of the cinema big screenwhere how many times have we seen and reviewed the rear of Shark and some other feature films about attacks by these animals, due to the impressiveness of their physique and attacks.

Now, Scott Haraguchi You won’t forget your last ocean fishing trip. When he was fishing off the coast of Oahu, Hawaiireceived an unexpected visit from a tiger shark, which approached his boat with a very agile movement and at full speed, taking Scott by surprise by attacking frontally with a bite to the side of your kayak.

The video is impressive and the speed that can be corroborated there in the attack of the shark causes an impact. Luckily it was just a huge scare for Scott Haraguchiwho commented to KITVaffiliate of the ABC chainthat the animal may have mistaken the kayak for a seal.

Could have lost a leg or life

Scott Haraguchi has uploaded the video on his channel YouTube and explains about this terrible moment that he initially mistook the shark for a turtle.

“I heard a hiss, looked up and saw a wide brown thing on the side of the kayak. At first I thought it was a turtle. It happened so fast. I didn’t notice and stuck my left foot out of the water to protect myself from the impact and then Done, I poked the shark’s head with it.

“If you asked me to do that again, even without the shark, I don’t think I would have that flexibility. In fact, I just thought the shark hit the kayak when I watched the video at home,” says Scott Haraguchi.

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