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Undoubtedly, the advance of the pandemic has motivated authorities around the world to impose measures to control it, such as the mandatory use of masks or face masks. The styles of these elements vary according to the taste of each person, but a citizen in England has taken this matter to an extreme level.

As reported by the local media ‘Manchester Evening News’ last Monday, a man normally boarded a bus in the town of Salford, Manchester metropolitan area, however, something unusual caught the attention of other passengers. It was a huge snake that encircled its neck and even covered its mouth.

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The passengers watched in surprise how the man then lifted the animal off of him and allowed it to move freely around the support tubes of the vehicle.


Taken from Twitter @McrFinest – Credit Alison Jones

“At first I thought he had a very original mask, then he let it slide down the handrails,” said one of the witnesses. Another person who witnessed the incident said: “No one was really upset on the bus, but a man behind took a video. It was definitely entertaining. “

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At first I thought he had a very original mask, then he let it slide down the handrails

A spokesperson for the transportation company said: “The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. We are dismayed by these reports and we are taking them very seriously. “We expect all of our clients to comply with the government’s rules on wearing a proper face mask on public transportation. A full internal investigation is underway, including checking the closed circuit television on the bus and interviewing the driver. “


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